Framed Anti-Principles and Anti-Virtue Parchment

Before starting this quest, bring the following:


Spider Leg


You will need to go to North Midmaer Way

Enter scene and go right until you see the wagon

Go North East at the wagon, towards the edge of the scene you will find a house in a tree with several Pacified Reapers around it.

Speak to Bellis the witch and say “help”.

You need to bring Garlic, Spider Leg and Woodsman’s Tears.

Head West to the Woodsman house (shows on the compass).

The the house on a shelf under the picture of “Daisy” you will see a bowl with “The Woodsman’s Tears”. Pick them up and put in your pack.

Go back to the witches house and go to the 2nd floor.  Double click the Enchanted Cauldron.

Give the”inert reaper-pacification solution” to Bellis the witch (if there any problems just type “help” in the conversation with the witch).

Go outside and have a conversation with a Pacified Reaper (just double click one)

Go back to the witch and she will tell you to turn on the sprinklers outside (there are 4 surrounding the house, double click each one).  Go to the well and double click the “sprinkler control valve”

Speak to the witch again (say “help” if nothing happens)

You will gain:


50 Gold

Framed Anti-Principles and Anti-Virtue Parchment


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